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Why Solar?

Why Solar?

Solar energy is abundantly available and the Earth receives enough solar energy every hour to meet the world's annual energy needs. Unfortunately the vast majority of this energy is not harnessed.


Solar energy works all year round, even on cloudy days. The PV panels are low maintenance and will last for decades.


How does it work?

Symbio Energy mounts the Solar PV panels securely to a roof or other suitable location. The cells on the panels use the photons from sunlight to generate DC (Direct Current) electricity. This electricity runs into an inverter, which converts it to AC (Alternating Current) electricity ready to use in your property.

This solar electricity will power any devices being used, if not enough electricity is being generated the surplus will be sourced from the National Grid.


• Overall electricity bill

• Improve the energy rating of your property

• Lower your carbon footprint.

Affordable Renewable Energy
  • A smart investment for your company
    A smart investment for your schools
    A smart investment for your councils
    A smart investment for your family
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