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About Symbio Energy

The founders of Symbio Energy believed in the concept of Low & Fair Prices for Energy. With this idea, in March 2019, Symbio Energy started offering the Lowest Priced Tariffs to Households and Businesses across the UK. This concept revolved around allowing the Britons to only pay for the energy they consume.

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Our Symbio Journey!

Join Symbio Energy & Get Lowest Electricity Tariffs

Symbio's name has been derived from a contraction of the adjective 'Symbiosis', which describes how Two Organisms or Parties Work Together to Benefit Each Other. A Partnership whereby Symbio Energy provides Low and Fair Electricity Prices and our Customers gain massive Savings compared to most UK Energy Suppliers whilst Protecting the Environment.

Symbio Energy has powered millions of Homes and Businesses across the UK by providing the Lowest Priced Tariffs since March 2019. We're working together with our customers and communities to create a sustainable future for Energy. We have developed innovative solutions to ensure that people only pay for the Electricity they consume. We have helped millions of Households and Businesses save up to £600 and £1000s respectively. 

We strive to do more than keep the lights on for our customers. We're passionate about being involved in the communities where we live and work. Our employees, contractors, vendors, investors and community partners are critical to our success. We wouldn't be able to power the UK without their support. 

We're grounded by values that position us to deliver strong performance while protecting the Planet and Environment. We offer Green Energy for premises across the UK at no extra cost. You can avail the benefits of Low & Fair prices and ensure you only pay for the Electricity you consume. It's not just what we do but how we do it – that sets us apart. 

Why Choose Symbio?

Symbio Energy was formed, keeping in mind the concept of benefitting through a mutual relationship between different people or groups. This relationship aims to establish a unique and qualitative bond between our customers and the team at Symbio Energy. The success of our company lies in this bond.




Symbio Energy inspires others to support our mission for a cleaner and brighter future, not only for us but for our future generations.


Only if you allow Change to happen, adapt to it, life will prosper for not only you, but it will make a difference to others by setting an example for them. Our mission is to develop and grow together.


Our primary objective is to save you money and only pay for the electricity you consume; we can save up to £600 compared to the Big 6 Energy companies in the UK.


Our primary objective is to save you money and only pay for the electricity you consume; we can save up to £600 compared to the Big 6 Energy companies in the UK.


Symbio Energy inspires others to support our mission for a cleaner and brighter future, not only for us but for our future generations.


Only if you allow Change to happen, adapt to it, life will prosper for not only you, but it will make a difference to others by setting an example for them. Our mission is to develop and grow together.

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Our Promises

100% Green Electricity

Green Energy

Energy collected from renewable resources for a sustainable future.

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Offering the Lowest Priced Tariffs for Electricity since March 2019.

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