Making every
building a renewable
energy generator…

Embedded Renewable Energy Generation System

Embedded Renewable Energy Generation System or simply called “EREGS” – the new standard that Symbio Energy seeks to implement for every commercial property out there.

Would you be interested in transforming your property into an energy generator without paying any infrastructure and installation costs?

If this is you then please continue reading below and see how we can help.

EREGS is a product designed by Symbio Energy to meet the needs of our customers. With our team of immensely knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals in the renewable energy sector, we can design and install renewable energy installations on your property to meet the energy demands of your business. Symbio Energy will install this innovative technology on your property at no cost to you. All we ask from our customers is access and use of empty or unused space owned by you so that we can install this state-of-the-art technology and you then begin to receive discounted electricity for the duration of your contract with us.

Please remember our customers only pay for energy used at discounted prices that you will not avail from any other supplier. All installation and technology costs are borne by us. You pay only for your actual consumption. No other additional or hidden costs. *

*Standard Terms and Conditions of electricity supply apply.

Generate energy from your premises
Generate energy from your premises

Transfer your business into a energy generator to produce electricity onsite

Manage your own business energy demand
Manage your own business energy demand

Monitor closely your energy consumption to understand your electricity requirements

Reduce energy costs                             
Reduce energy costs                             

Diminish your energy bills and save with revolutionary renewable energy technology

Galvanising the way
energy sector runs

With new revolutionary, renewable technology, Symbio Energy is rewriting the rules of the energy sector.
We believe our integrated onsite generating solution systems are fitting for any business and can
tranform the way you currently use your electicity.

Reduce your energy bills

Symbio Energy quarantees discounted price against any competitor. In addition with our assessment and
energy reduction policies we can significantly reduce the cost of the electricity of your business.


Say YES to Green Energy

Our ambition is to provide 100% green energy to all of our customers. Within the next 5 years, Symbio Energy aims to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels to generate energy.