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How to Read your Energy Bill?

It is essential to understand the bill you receive from us. It will help you understand the energy you are being billed for. Understanding your energy bill correctly will help you to monitor your usage efficiently. Instances where you have overpaid in the past, you can submit the meter reading on the last day of the month and get a revised invoice with the actual consumption based on the provided reading. If there are any changes done to the variable tariffs, the same will be reflected within the invoices as well. 
In case you have requested to update your tariff to any other tariff, the changes can be checked by the unit rate and the standing charges mentioned on the bill. 



What are the important details you must look out for on your bill?  

  1. Our Company Logo:  


  1. The Customer Reference Number:  


  1. The Tariff Details  


  1. Import Supply Number 


  1. The essential details to look for in your bill is the ‘Duration of Charges’ applied. 

  • We follow the monthly billing cycle from 1st to the last day of the month. However, if you are looking at your first bill or the final bill, it could have indefinite dates.  

  • It depends upon your switch date and the last day of leaving the supplier. 


How are the charges applied on the bill? 

  • The monthly energy charges are calculated on kilowatt-hour usage. 

  • The consumption is calculated with the unit rate, standing charge and the VAT amount. 

  • If you are on a dual-rate tariff, you will be billed differently for the day and night usage. 

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