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Update to Customers

Jonathan Mark Amor and Nicola Kate Clark were appointed Joint Administrators of Symbio Energy Limited (“the Company”) on 13 October 2021. Please note the Company’s affairs, business and property are being managed by the Joint Administrators who act as agents of the Company and without personal liability.

The Joint Administrators are now working closely with your new supplier E.On Next to ensure accurate final bills are produced for the Company’s customers.

Here is a link to some frequently asked questions FAQs for Symbio Energy Limited Customers (azets.co.uk) however if you have any queries that are not covered by the FAQ page please use the dedicated email address for the Joint Administrators: [email protected].

When emailing please include your Symbio Energy customer reference number.

Message to All Customers

Symbio Energy is ceasing to trade. Ofgem, the energy regulator, has appointed E.ON Next as the new supplier for its customers.

E.ON Next began supplying energy to all of Symbio Energy’s customers on 3 October 2021.

E.ON Next will contact customers over the coming days and again in a few weeks when the transfer has been completed and their accounts have been fully set up.

Customers don’t need to worry – their supplies are secure. Former and current customers’ credit balances are protected, and E.ON Next will contact customers if they need to determine the amount of any outstanding balance. Domestic customers will also be protected by the energy price cap when being switched to E.ON Next.

Current and former customers who are in debit to Symbio Energy should wait to hear from E.ON Next or Symbio Energy’s administrators who will talk to them about repayment arrangements.

Ofgem’s advice to Symbio Energy’s customers is not to switch, but to sit tight and wait until E.ON Next has been in touch. This will help make sure that the process of handing customers over to E.ON Next and honouring any credit balances is as hassle free for customers as possible. 

Symbio Energy customers can access more information at eonnext.com/symbio-energy

If you have a power cut, please contact 150 to be put through to your local power distributor. If you think you can smell gas or have a gas leak, please contact the 24 hour National Gas Emergency hotline on 0800 111 999.

If customers need additional support, Citizens Advice and Advice Direct Scotland can give free, impartial help and advice.

Citizens Advice

Advice Direct Scotland

Advice will also be shared on Ofgem’s twitter @ofgem and facebook facebook channels.

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If you are one of our valuable customers trying to reach our customer support today, please be notified that you might experience an audio lag due to ongoing system maintenance. Meanwhile, you can write an email to us at [email protected].

Message to our Customers  

We regret to inform you that Symbio Energy is ceasing trade.  Ofgem, the energy regulator, is appointing a new supplier for customers to be transferred through the SOLR (Supplier of Last Resort) process. This is administered by Ofgem and will happen over the course of the next 4-5 days. 

Important Information:

  1. Electricity Supply – the supply of electricity to your home/premises will not be affected or cut off at any point.
  2. Credit Balances – if you have a credit balance on your account, you do not need to worry as this will be transferred onto your account with the newly appointed supplier through the SOLR process.
  3. Communication – Our phone lines and emails are all still operating during working hours. We will do our best to respond to calls and emails as soon as possible.
  4. We will also keep updating our website with information through the process of SOLR.
  5. We have some more information on our FAQ page which will hopefully answer the questions you might have during this time.

External Information Ofgem & Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB):

Ofgem’s advice is not to switch suppliers, but to wait until they appoint a new supplier for you. This will help ensure that the process of handing customers over to a new supplier, and honouring domestic customers’ credit balances, is hassle-free.

Support and Advice:

Support and advice is available on the Ofgem website for both domestic customers and non-domestic customers. Alternatively, if customers need additional support in England and Wales, they can call Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133 or email them via their webform. In Scotland, they can contact Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 196 8660 or email them via their webform.  Advice will also be shared on Ofgem’s twitter @ofgem and facebook channels.

We apologise for the situation and any inconvenience caused. We are grateful for your support, and it has been a pleasure to serve you all.

Kind regards,

Symbio Energy Team 

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