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Fuel Mix

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A supplier’s fuel mix shows the sources of the electricity that it supplies to its customers e.g. coal, gas, nuclear and renewables.

Over the course of a year, energy suppliers must purchase sufficient electricity to feed into the national electricity grid to cover the amount their customers consume. At the end of each year, suppliers must disclose their fuel mix to the electricity and gas regulator, Ofgem. This information is published annually to help consumers make informed choices about their electricity supplier.

For further information on the impact of the UK average fuel mix  -fuel-mix-disclosure-

For further information on the health and environmental impact of coal, gas and nuclear see:

– Coal (toxic air pollution): -UK-Health-Alliance-

– Gas (emits CO2): -ipcc-assessment-report-

– Nuclear (radioactive waste): -radioactive-waste-

Symbio Energy believes in making a difference. The way we use our resources today will leave an impact on our future generations.

We're grounded by values that position us to deliver strong performance while protecting the Planet and Environment. We offer Green Energy for premises across the UK at no extra cost.

Symbio Energy buys its resources from REGOs, this helps us to Monitor and Verify the origin of the Electricity we Supply.

However, Symbio Energy's ambition is to own energy plants that can generate sustainable resources directly from these renewable plants.


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