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Business Electricity: Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Business Energy Costs

Tips to Reducing the Business Energy Cost


Running a business can be a challenging venture. It can become even more complicated when you consider the different types of costs you will run into when you are starting up. Employee salaries, benefits, products, rental space and much more; all these factors can impact your budget and will have to be taken into consideration when you are creating and running your business. However, something many people do not consider is the cost of energy and efficiency when you are operating. 

Electricity can be costly if you are working long days and must accommodate a large team. To reduce costs in your business; it is critical to plan your expenditures when it comes to electricity. There are a variety of different factors you need to consider. By assessing the needs of your employees and your customers when it comes to providing quality and standard energy, you’ll be able to make a plan that helps you cut costs where you need it the most. 


Before you get started planning your electricity expenses, it is important to ponder upon a few questions that can help you plan and execute your plans to the tee and consider the answers you come up with.? 


  • Are there always lights on in your office? 

  • How long are the lights on for? Duration.? 

  • Is the heat always on during the winter? 

  • Is the air conditioner always on during the summer? 

  • Are you doing anything to eliminate the need for a heater or AC unit? 

  • What type of atmosphere are your employees comfortable working in? 

  • Are there any alternatives you can provide them moving forward? 

  • Are the lights turned off at the end of the night? 

  • Do you have backup security lights in case? 

Before you tackle the above questions, you need to establish a starting point. It is critical to conduct an audit to determine your electricity consumption. 



Energy Audit 

An energy audit is a professional assessment of your current energy use and, ultimately, how you can use energy more efficiently and therefore, potentially saving money. 

At the end of the audit, you’ll have a good sense of where you stand in regard to efficiency and what actions you can take to begin lowering your utility costs.? 

It is essential to conduct a self-run night audit in the night that aims to discover ways you might be able to reduce your utility bills by decreasing energy usage at night. 


Consider changing your energy supplier. 

Once you have your audit results in place, your next step would be to find an energy provider that provides you with low business electricity tariffs. In cases where you already have an existing energy provider, compare the previous electricity tariffs to the options available within the market. Should you find a provider that is better than the current one, you can immediately initiate a switch to the reasonable provider.? 

After finding the right energy provider, you can implement the following steps with their employees to promote energy conservation while at work: 


  • Establish energy-efficient practices:?Try your best only to use excess energy during the low or off-peak times. Encourage your employees to follow this same model and see how energy usage decreases with more initiative. 

  • Get an energy audit done:?Hire an energy audit company to conduct energy audits regularly. The records of the audit can be used to monitor the consumption of electricity. These audits will have to be performed every quarterly. 

  • Replace existing bulbs with CFL’s:?CFL and LED lights consume less power and offer much longer lifespans. These can ever reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and increase the lifespan of your fixtures by 2-3 times. 

  • Use the sleep feature of computers and laptops:?Sleep feature in laptops and desktops allows you to save your current work as it is, and you can continue from the same point next day. Schedule your workstation to switch to sleep mode after working hours and during weekends. 

  • Reduce Paper Wastage:?Print only when necessary. This will not only reduce paper wastage but also helps to cut the energy required to run the printer, which in turn reduces your energy cost. 

  • Switch off equipment when not in use:?Make sure that you switch off all printers, scanners, microwave, lights, air conditioners, coffee vending machines during weekends or holidays.? 

  • Buy energy-efficient devices:?Energy-efficient devices cost more upfront, but over years of use, they are going to save you money. This holds for any equipment that runs on electricity. 

  • Invest in a programmable thermostat:?A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature of your workplace when no one is working.? 

  • Keep control of your heating and cooling:?Keeping your office temperature one degree down during winters and one degree up during summers can reduce the power it uses by up to 10%. 

  • Minimize artificial lighting and make use of skylights:?Artificial lights consume power, while skylights are free. Try to use maximum daylight and use artificial lights in dark areas. Less energy means less money spent on electricity bills. 

  • Discourage the excessive use of lighting or electricity:?Switch off extra lights at corridors, stairs, cafeteria, reception, meeting rooms and near the workstation. Try to make use of daylight as much as possible. 

  • Use energy-saving features:?Educate your employees regarding energy-saving features of air conditioners, printers, microwaves and let them use those features to cut energy costs.? 

  • Upgrade all outdated equipment with energy star appliances:?If your old heater or air conditioner is not working at its maximum efficiency, it could draw unnecessary power which may cost you money.? 

  • Use technology to hold virtual meetings:?New technologies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype allows you to hold virtual meetings, give presentations and make long-distance phone calls without even going to the client’s office. You can surely save money on the amount of gasoline or flight tickets that would be used to buy it. 


By considering these crucial steps above, one will be able to see immediate changes in their energy bill the next month. People often underestimate the little things they do at work, so promoting awareness and consciousness about energy issues is very important. Not only will you be decreasing the amount you have to pay each month, but you’ll also be promoting a healthy environment within your workplace. 
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