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Searching for the best energy provider as a tenant 

Searching for the best energy provider as a tenant 

Renting an apartment within the UK may involve a lot of research to find the best neighbourhood and surrounding to live. Once you seal the deal on your desired apartment, moving home involves more than just getting your belongings from A to B, you also need to ensure your utilities are up and running when you get there. It is critical to secure and monitor your energy-related queries or clarifications immediately after moving into the rental apartment.? 
When you move in, you will inherit the existing supplier. You should engage with them, give them a meter reading, and check out on their best deals. If you do not like what they offer you should shop around. Your landlord can only choose the energy supplier while they are directly responsible for paying the electricity bills. You have a statutory right to choose your utility provider if you are not happy with the current providers. In other words, if you pay the bills, you have the right to change providers. One must inform the agent or landlord that you are going to make a change. 


Ways to find the best energy supplier for a tenant. 

When you decide to change your existing electricity provider, you will need to start by notifying your current energy supplier at least 48 hours before. In case there are any pending dues, the same can be informed to the landlord and get dues paid off. Once the dues are cleared, you can scout for better energy providers. 


  • Compare electricity prices to find the best deal. 

Take your time to shop around for the best deal for your rental apartment. There are various ways you can do this, but price comparison websites tend to be the most popular way of looking. Selecting an affordable provider ensures more savings. 

You can opt for different tariffs from an array of providers with some benefitting you more, depending on your living situation. Some price comparison websites have been accredited and listed by Ofgem. You could also use the comparison tool on the Citizens Advice website or call one of the energies switching companies, such as USwitch, for advice. 



  • Consider a renewable energy provider while comparing

In the past couple of years, there has been an explosion of new green energy deals. Some of these deals are among the cheapest on the market, while others can be quite pricey, so make sure to do your research.? 


  • Choose the Right Tariff 

Every penny saved is a penny earned, keeping this in mind it is critical to choose the right, money-saving tariffs for your apartment. There are three types of tariff available for customers to choose from. They are 


  1. Fixed – the price of your energy is fixed for the duration of your contract 
  2. Capped – the price may go up or down, but it won’t go over a set limit 
  3. Standard or variable – the prices depend on the market and may vary. 
  4. Dual-fuel – includes both electricity and gas and some energy suppliers may offer a discount if you buy both fuels as a package. 


Fixed and capped tariffs are usually the cheapest and can help you to budget better, but there may be a fee if you want to leave the contract early. There is no end date with a standard or variable tariff and no exit fee if you switch. 

Some companies offer deals that use smart meter readings to provide tariffs tailored to different lifestyles. Smart meters track the amount of electricity you use, send this to your energy company automatically, and show you how much it costs you. 

  • The energy switching process 

Once you confirm the desired tariff and the switch, the respective energy provider will initiate the process. The first 14 days are known as the cooling-off period. The supplier can reject your switch if the information is incorrect or you can cancel the switch if you change your mind. 

After the cooling-off period, it can take seven days to change supplier, although this can vary from supplier to supplier. It may take less or more time for your switch to go through depending on the supplier.?In total it will take around 21 days to complete your switch to a new supplier. 


Once your 21 days are completed, you can enjoy the comfort and flexibility of your new energy provider. However, do not forget to provide your meter reading at the end of every month to ensure that you get billed for what you consume.? 
Tenants within the UK can choose from an array of energy providers available in the market. Symbio Energy is one of the most famous energy providers, that offers affordable and lowest tariffs compared to any other providers available in the UK. They are present on all OFGEM accredited comparison websites.