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Switching between Energy suppliers in the UK is easier than you think.  


Switching to the right energy suppliers in the UK could save you hundreds of pounds on your electricity bills. Many people are deterred from switching their energy provider because they think it will be a hassle but it’s actually a much simpler and more straightforward process than they might think.  

It’s easy to get a quote from a new energy supplier using just your postcode but if you want a more accurate estimate, it’s useful to gather together the following information: 

  • Your postcode 

  • Your current electricity supplier name and tariff 

  • A recent energy bill showing how much energy you use in kilowatt hours (kWh) 

It’s usually the quickest and easiest to use a price comparison website to see what deals will suit you best. Simply feed in all of your details and the site will do the rest. You can then see and compare other companies to your current supplier and make the choice you wish. But remember, it is important to choose an energy provider that makes you feel valued and important as a customer.  

It is worth approaching Symbio Energy as your new energy supplier as they provide with unmatched prices on electricity in the UK. They have been providing with the lowest price tariffs since March 2019 (on usage above 350 kWh).  

Once you find a suitable supplier, tell them you want to swap to them and they’ll take it from there. Don’t worry: you won’t need to have any awkward conversations with your existing provider about why you’re leaving. Your new and old suppliers will work together to transfer your supply. In the case of Symbio Energy, their highly capable and efficient customer service team takes care of the entire process of switching without any trouble or hinderance.  

You won't be without power while your switch-over takes place. This is one of the biggest myths around switching. The energy will still run along the same cables, so there's no need for any work to be done to your home. Symbio Energy thrives at ensuring a smooth transition while switching. The only difference you will see will be in your bills.  

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to a new energy provider in the UK and discover a new way of collecting your savings.