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Things to keep in mind while choosing your Business Energy Supplier. 

Things to keep in mind while choosing your Business Energy Supplier. 

When it is time to choose a business energy supplier, do you focus solely on price? Here are a few other things you should consider: 


  • The type of business you run an IT company, a restaurant or a manufacturing firm etc. 

  • Your finances – Profits, losses and the money you have available to pay bills and additional costs like rising energy prices. 

  • How will you mainly use the energy provided? Is it to power a significant server or an office with computers or run high-voltage machinery? 

  • How often you need access to sufficient power? Does your business operate only Mondays to Fridays on a 9 am till 5 pm basis or are you open to the public every day? 

  • Does your company have an environmentally friendly focus? Are you looking to use renewable energy such as wind or solar power? 


Choosing a supplier with the right deal. 

A big part of finding the right energy supplier is finding one that can provide the correct tariff and contract for your business. It is always tempting to go for the cheapest option, especially when you are starting, but there are plenty of other things to think about when you’re choosing your next business energy supplier.  

Understand what your supplier's offering 

It is critical to analyse and study what your energy supplier is offering you. In terms of pricing, customer support, effortless switch, billing, Smart meters etc. A good supplier will ensure to offer utmost transparency with regards to their features mentioned.  


Ask about how accurately bills are produced 

Most suppliers report their statistics and there is nothing more important than paying the correct charges. If you are a small business think about installing a smart meter to avoid estimated bills and ensure a high level of billing accuracy. 



Customer service ratings and reviews 

Before you invest in a business energy supplier, it is worth doing some research into what their customers are saying about them online.  It is beneficial to research on Ofgem to get more information about your energy provider you would like to choose.  

Switching ease 

One of the main features at any energy company is that it allows its customers to easily switch between suppliers to find the best deal and make savings. 

If you plan to switch your business energy supplier, make sure you do it in plenty of time to avoid deemed rates. And remember to negotiate to navigate the switching process properly.? 


Smart meter support 

Smart meters are an essential part of making sure you are not over- or under-charged for the energy you use (being under-charged might feel good at first, but your supplier will always recover the costs!). Smart meters are a next-generation meter for both gas and electricity.?Smart meters use a secure national communication network called the DCC to send your actual energy usage automatically and wirelessly to your supplier.?OFGEM 


An example of a Smart Energy Provider 

Symbio Energy has managed to grab a lot of attention within the UK for their irresistible prices and offers. They have successfully managed to offer the lowest-priced tariffs compared to any Switchable Tariffs available on any Comparison Sites in the UK since March 2019.? Their customer service team is hospitable and caters to all the needs and queries raised by their customers. Symbio energy has also helped multiple businesses save £1000s on their business electricity.  
Symbio Energy also provides with a smooth and hassle-free switch between energy providers. They handle every bit of the process once you decide to opt for their services. I have heard that Symbio Energy has taken up multiple projects that helps in the green revolution. They had organized the ‘Warm Heart Initiative’ last winter that provided many homeless citizens with sleeping bags, slippers, blankets etc.  

Symbio Energy is mentioned on Ofgem accredited comparison website under Full Market View or Open Market View.  
They are soon venturing into green and 100% carbon-neutral gas supply. This venture will make it easier to get the lowest prices for electricity and gas under one roof.?