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Reasons for High Energy bills 

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The energy bills you get could be a surprise to you if it was more than your expectation. Firstly, you need to understand the electricity usage as per the time of the year. It is likely that you will use more electricity in winters than in summers, since a lot of it is used to heat the house. To add to it, we have appliances which uses more electricity as well.  

Let us understand the reason for high energy bills:  


Meter read 

Primarily you need to check if you are reading your meter correctly or not, and if you have missed out on any digit in the meter read which caused the inflation in the bills. To know more on how to read a meter, please check our guide on how to read a meter read.  


The monthly electric estimates are done as per the seasons, and this could be the reason you have received a high energy bill. Also, if you have not been submitting meter read from a while, your monthly estimates could differ a lot than your actual consumption.  


Change in tariff  


If you have been signed up for a variable tariff, you may than experience a price change in your bill often. The unit rate and the standing charge on your tariff can change as per the market fluctuations.  

However, we ensure that you are updated about the tariff changes 30 days prior.  


Defective meter  


There may be no fault in the meter read, estimates or the tariff, but it could be the meter itself, which shows up incorrect readings on the display. You may find the meter physically perfect, however you will not be aware of the software malfunction. If you suspect such an issue than you can request us to get the meter checked, however this will incur charges, so we would request you to ensure that you have investigated the issue until you want a technician to see the meter.  




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