Generate energy from your new build premises!

Symbio Energy collaborates with planners and new build developers to assist and deliver the technology to produce green and renewable energy. New developments can benefit from sustainable designs and reduce energy cost. Therefore, we establish long term relationships with developers of new build projects. This way Symbio Energy provides guidance and technology recommendations to deliver sustainable and green new build dwellings.

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Powering New Builds with renewables

Symbio Energy is on a mission to remove the dependency of fossil fuels and create an environment which is sustainable. That is to say, with these principles as our foundation, we can design for you green solutions to help to tackle the carbon crisis that we all face in today.


Symbio Energy has teamed up with an innovative property company “Lumiere Developments” to build the world’s most sustainable residential tower in Hemel Hempstead. The Beacon has an ambition to be a vivid example of sustainable and green development. This is only one sample where energy and development runs in conjunction to deliver the best results.

Similarly, the company’s long term objective is to create a sustainable future through the generation of energy from renewable sources. Above all, we focus on reducing the CO2 emissions and addressing the greater issue of global warming and the impact it has on our future.

In conclusion, Symbio Energy can work with you to engineer carbon neutral developments. As a result, your development will improve Company Green Credentials meet the targets well in advance set by the World Green Building Council.

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