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Bill, What Does It All Mean

For most customers, our bills will either be emailed, texted and digitally sent. Reduces our carbon footprint after.

# The Value Added Tax (VAT) – is levied by the UK Government on the consumption of goods. The percentage of VAT is calculated on the rules laid down by HMRC.

# The Climate Change Levy (CCL) – is a tax on energy delivered to non-domestic users in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to provide an incentive to increase energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions. Please note that from 1st August 2015 CCL will also be charged on units consumed from generation from renewable sources.

# Exported Units (in kWh) – These are the generation units that are not consumed by the customer and which are sent back to the grid. (Your consumption from the solar panel installation is – the export units deducted from the generation units)


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