What is the Warm Heart Initiative all about?

In the winter season, especially the Christmas time, there are thousands of homeless people who do not have the basic necessity of shelter and warmth in the extreme weather conditions. As we all will strongly agree that every human deserves some basic amenities. Hence, we at Symbio Energy are partnering with St. Mungos- also known as St Mungo’s Community Housing Association, a charity that helps people experiencing homelessness in providing 500 sleeping bags and other essentials.

How does the Warm Heart Tariff

The customers registering for this tariff plan will have an additional one-time charge of £10 to their annual bill. We will then match this with another £10 from us. We will utilise the contributions to help hundreds of people with winter packs that includes sleeping bags and other living essentials. There are no operating costs and all the funds collected will be going for the purchase of these products.

What does the Warm Heart Initiative package include?

Apart from spreading warmth from our hearts to theirs, the Warm Heart Initiative package will include a cozy sleeping bag, a soft woolen  blanket, appropriate woolen socks and gloves, a hat and to meet the basic personal hygiene requirements we have also included deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush.

Existing Customers can also contribute to this initiative

You too can help us make a difference! Click on the above link if you wish to contribute with a warm heart towards our initiative. We will match your £10 donation with £10 from us and utilise it towards this initiative. This one time charge of £10 will be added to your next bill.